New research on Pantesin confirms positive effects on blood lipid ratios

July 1, 2012 Natural Products Insider

Pantesin® Pantethine is backed by numerous studies supporting its ability to improve the lipid balance profile in high-risk individuals for CVD.* In the latest research, subjects with only low to moderate risk were studied. Individuals were placed on a TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) Diet for a lead-in period of four weeks. Subjects were then randomized in a 1:1 ratio to receive either a placebo or Pantethine. The exciting results from the study show that supplementation of Pantesin significantly improved blood lipid ratios over and above the effects of the TLC diet alone.* More specifically, the results showed consistent reductions in Total Cholesterol (3%), LDL-Cholesterol (4%) and Apo-B (5%) from baseline to week 16.

An ingredient produced under strict pharmaceutical standards, Pantesin Pantethine is a premium-branded ingredient with a 35-year history of safety and efficacy.

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